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The Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions  Michele Gortani Tolmezzo.

It is among the most important ethnographic museums in Europe for rich collezioniche ranging from the fourteenth century.
you can see musical instruments and a rich collection of masks, paintings, folk costumes, fabrics and embroidery. home furnishings and glimpses of a life time.
Info & Schedules
tel. 0433/43233 museum

The Carnia Area during the Great War
The rich museum of war relics bearing witness to the bloody battles of World War I on the Italian-Austrian front
Also visit the Temple Ossuary contains the remains of the fallen on the front of the high valley of the But.
tel. 0433/779168 - 779292

Archaeological Museum of Zuglio
Zuglio importatne Roman city located on the Via Julia Augusta which linked Aquileia to Noricum, gave birth over the years many artifacts that you can see in the museum. Not far there are the excavations of the Forum Julium Carnicum.
For info conattare the Museum:
tel. 0433 92562

the Mozartina
significant private collection of keyboard instruments and not just of the Baroque period, discolcati on three floors, along with furniture and paintings, gives you the impression of living in a stately home settenceto. (home Scala). The collection is enriched by libiri and manuscripts more of the eighteenth century.
Watchmaking Museum Pesarina
Pesaris is the country of the watches from the eighteenth century began with the construction of mechanical watches and then switch to for bell towers watches. Along the streets of the country will be able to admire several monumental clocks that will impress you with their beauty and also originalità.C'è the museum.

From 26 to 28 March (Easter period)
From April 23 to 25
April 30 and May 1
From 2 to 5 June
and all other Sabatie Sundays in May and June:
from 10:30 to 12:30 and 14:00 to 18:00

Gallery of Modern Art "E.De Cillia"
It collects from 1975 oil paintings, works of the best known exponents of modern art in Friuli Venezia Giulia: Altieri, Anzil, Bierti, Borta, Bront, Canci, Magnano, Celiberti, Ciussi, Coceani, Colo, Cussigh, Davanzo, Filipponi, Marra , Merlo, Pellis, Pittino, Saccomani, Sopracasa, Supan, Tavagnacco, Tubaro, Ursella, Variola, Zigaina and others.
1300 art books. Second in the Province often hosts temporary exhibitions of art or photography.
For info tel. 0433/777023 (municipal offices) or 0433/777 307 (during opening hours of the gallery) or CarniaMusei office tel. 0433 487 779.
Services offered: bookshop, guided tour by appointment, educational workshop by appointment curated by CarniaMusei, audio guide and information material

Geological Museum of Ampezzo
 collecting rocks and fossils testifying especially the changes in geological eras in the Carnic Alps up to 40 million years ago. There is also an educational section dedicated to children and a library specializing in issues of geology and museology.
Offices CarniaMusei 0433/487779
Ampezzo Tourist Office tel. 0433/80758
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