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Arta Terme and thermal baths

The Gardel hotel and the Baths of Arta

between the specific characteristics of Arta Terme, it goes highlighted the exclusivity of the environmental zone saddle, which is to take advantage of the phenomenon (found) lowering altitudinal boundaries. For this reason, anyone with relevant cardiovascular problems (and therefore can not reside in high-altitude areas) can reside in this spa benefiting from the excellent climate.
The Baths of Arta care you can do to be paid by the health service as well as privately. Treatment is prescivibili from its base, a pediatrician and medical specialist mdico, for at least one cycle per year, so everyone can benefit from the cost of the only ticket  or free if free.
Spa treatments for children at the Baths of Arta, in particular for those who suffer from chronic respiratory disease and skin diseases.
From the source sulphurous water gushes out at a temperature of 9 ° C and is classified as mineral water sulphate-calcium-magnesium-sulphurous. As sulfur, it acts on the autonomic nervous system with increased body's defense mechanisms and inflammation, and with beneficial effects in the treatment of psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and acne of youth. If drinking is effective in the treatment of digestive disorders; for constipation due to the presence of calcium sulphate and magnesium increases the speed of intestinal transit. Baths, mud baths and whirlpools, finally, are prescribed in the presence of musculoskeletal and skin diseases. All diseases that can be treated, at the Baths of Arta:
mud-bath therapy, inhalation and ENT treatments, mineral water treatments ,, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, respiratory rehabilitation, motor / postural. The Clinics: physical medicine, pulmonology, cardiology, dermatology, rheumatology, gynecology, sports medicine.

Gardel The hotel is 800 meters from the spa of Arta Terme, reachable on foot with a pleasant walk or shuttle bus (surcharge)

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